Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Deltech is committed to meaningful and sustainable business practices that benefit our surrounding communities. We demonstrate these practices through: Community Involvement, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Environmental Responsibility.

Our commitment is intentional. We ensure equal access to opportunities and support environmentally responsible operations.

Community Involvement

Deltech is proud to partner with and support the following organizations:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Deltech fosters a culture where all employees from different experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives are supported through equitable hiring & workforce development opportunities.

Environmental Responsibility

Deltech implements environmentally responsible practices across the organization in an effort to reduce energy consumption, minimize waste, and optimize complex consumption processes.

  • LED facility lighting project significantly reduces electrical lighting energy consumption.
  • Restoration of Economizer heat exchanger reduces natural gas usage by nearly 10%.
  • Introduction of a comprehensive recycling program which has successfully reduced overall waste output.
  • Integration of energy-efficient appliances and equipment to decrease electricity usage across all departments.
  • Collaboration with local environmental organizations to participate in community clean-up initiatives and promote ecological awareness.