About Us

The Company was founded in 1989 when Robert “Bob” Elefante and a small group of investors purchased the Baton Rouge, LA Monomers facility from American Hoechst. Bob subsequently purchased Huntsman’s Polymers Operations, which would become Deltech Polymers, in 1991.

The Company operates with three business segments (Monomers, Polymers, and Resins) and has about 200 employees.

The Monomers petrochemical operations in Baton Rouge, LA includes 111 acres, 75 employees, up to 107MM lbs of manufacturing capacity, and provides specialty monomers including:

  • Vinyl Toluene (VT)
  • Para-Methyl Styrene (PMS)
  • Divinyl Benzene (DVB)
  • Para-Tertiary Butyl Styrene (TBS)
  • Meta-Di-iso Propenyl Benzene (m-DiPEB)
  • Alpha Methyl Styrene (AMS)

The Polymers operations in Troy, OH includes five acres, 30 employees, 140MM lbs of manufacturing capacity, and provides specialized crystal polystyrene (PS) and styrene methyl methacrylate (SMMA).

StanChem Resins in East Berlin, CT develops and manufactures high performance emulsion polymers for the architectural, construction, adhesives and packaging markets. StanChem has 85 employees in Connecticut and New Jersey.

Deltech’s products deliver key benefits in attractive and demanding end markets including coatings, composites, oil & gas, and construction.

The Company has a proven track record and reputation with an attractive customer base.

Deltech’s well-rounded executive leadership team brings decades of industry experience.